Land tax payable each year, akin to ground rent; payable to the king or in some circumstances a local lord. The rate was 1d per *messuage. [< land + OldEngl. gafol/gavel = tax, tribute, rent] -

Dictionary of Medieval Terms and Phrases. .

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  • Landgable — ♦ A payment, normally made to the king or other lord at a standard figure, from each house in a town in the earlier Middle Ages. (Reynolds, Susan. An Introduction to the History of English Medieval Towns, 199) Note: derived from Old English gafol …   Medieval glossary

  • Burgage — is a medieval land term used in England and Scotland, well established by the 13th century. A burgage was a town ( borough ) rental property (to use modern terms), owned by a king or lord. The property ( burgage tenement ) usually, and distinctly …   Wikipedia

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  • Gavel — gablum Latin, gafol Old English See: Landgable …   Medieval glossary

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